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Mirror shape cement bricks

20 × 40 CM


Most reliable and good looking for parking as well as other out-door flooring.

I-Shape cement bricks
Quarry stone 10 mm
Quarry stone 14 mm
Quarry Dust

Free of any other mixture, pure and clean dust is manufactured in numerous quantities on daily basis to satisfy the market need. Mostly used in the manufacture process of cement, bricks, and other contruction materials.

Quarry stone 19 mm
Quarry stone 0-10 mm
Quarry stone 20 mm
Crusher Run

Produced form our crusher with size of 0 to 30 mm, used in road fillings and construction projects. Sold in best prices that fits our loyal customers.

Cement bricks

Our unique products are well trusted overall Malawi areas, reputable as well by isolating temprature and sound.
We produce the finest bricks from the most durable granite stone in form of various sizes:
10 × 40 CM        15 × 40 CM        20 × 40 CM 

The Grand Granit Blocks
The Small Granit Blocks
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